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Hensoldt Scope and Spotters

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3 – 12 x 56 Long range

When using a telescopic sight with a night-vision attachment, every centi metre counts depending on the assembly options on the weapon. Therefore, our objective during development of the 3 – 12 x 56 telescopic sight was to deliver maximum performance while maintaining a short optical system. In addition to a compact design, the adjustment range of the elevation turret also sets new standards. The 3 – 12 x 56, for example, provides an adjustment range of 400 cm at 100 m.

Main features & benefits
• Very compact design
• High adjustment ranges
• Reticles in the first or second focal plane
• Reticle in accordance with customer needs

4 – 16 x 56 FF LT Long Range

In addition to high optical performance, the tactical possibilities for mission forces are decisive. We addressed this aspect while reworking our 4 – 16 x 56 FF (LT variance still available). The redesigned turrets are self-locking, i.e. unintentional adjustment of the reticle is not possible. The elevation turret provides ballistic compensation of 14.5 mrad (145 clicks) in one revolution. Due to a total adjustment range of 22 mrad the user has sufficient reserves for zeroing. Users can specify themselves if the turret stops at 0 or at 5, for example. The short design and optical quality were not compromised.

Main features & benefits
• Magnification: 4 – 16x
• Elevation clicks: 145 – single turn
• Overall length: 334 mm
• Special features: locking turrets, zero-stop

3.5 – 26 x 56 FF Long Range

Our newly developed 3.5 – 26 x 56 is a unique all-rounder among telescopic sights. With its large magnification range (3.5 – 26x), it can be used for both short and long ranges. The enormous adjustment ranges, which also enable ballistic compensation at maximum range, are unique. The elevation turret provides 36 mrad (360 clicks) over two noticeable rotations. To simplify use in all climate zones, the turret does not stop at 0, but continues to -5, resulting in a total of 365 clicks! The length of the system is particularly important for the use of night-vision devices, an area where this telescopic sight is in a class of its own. At 37 cm, it is only minimally longer than our 4 – 16 x 56 telescopic sights.

Main features & benefits
• Extended magnification range
• Extremely high adjustment range
• Short and ultracompact design

6 – 24 x 72 Long Range

The lens diameter considerably influences the optical capabilities of a telescopic sight. With increasing magnification, the brightness of the scene diminishes. This factor plays a key role in the military, in particular, where long ranges are common. Under adverse weather conditions such as precipitation, twilight and haze, high magnification often leads to unwanted results. Therefore, we have limited our 6x to 24x telescopic sights to a magnification range that is both beneficial and noticeable to the user and combined it with a 72 mm lens. Our 6 – 24 x 72 is the right telescopic sight when extremely precise adjustability and very high magnification are required.

Main features & benefits
• Extended magnification range
• 2nd focal plane reticle
• 72 mm lens diameter for maximum light intensity

4 x 30i Intermediate Range

4 x 30i targeting optics deliver excellent optical performance, particularly in adverse visibility conditions. The twilight performance is extraordinary for targeting optics: With an exit pupil of 7.5 mm, the 4 x 30i is particularly well-suited for the twilight and practically optimised for the human eye. This benefit now carries over to the use of a night-vision attachment. Combined with our NSV 600, in particular, users can now take advantage of the large field of view of 140 m at 1000 m even at night. Riflemen maintain an overview despite the 4x magnification. Optimised adjustment of the eye relief, pupil diameter and field of view with maximum edge definition make the 4 x 30i targeting optics a superior targeting instrument for intermediate ranges. Available as 4 x 30 with and without reticle illumination. Also available as 4x30rd with illuminated red dot.

Main features & benefits
• 4x magnification with a very large field of view
• Eye relief: 6.5 cm
• Reticle illumination powered by 1 AA battery (1.2 – 3.5 V)

6 x 36i Intermediate Range

As an enhancement of our 4 x 30, the 6 x 36 is our approach to the current demand for increased assertiveness at middle ranges. We want to offer a more economical alternative to a traditional telescopic sight that does not require additional training. Therefore, this optical device is as easy to use as the 4 x 30. Under the aspect of higher magnification (6x) and thus longer ranges, we have only made minor modifications to these optics. The field of view of 5.3° (93 m / 1000 m) is very comfortable and enables a good overview. In line with tactical requirements, the 6 x 36 also sits very low on the weapon. It is also possible to use a red dot sight on the CQB rail.

Main features & benefits
• Very compact 6x optics
• Illuminated reticle
• Field of view 5.3° (93 m/1000 m)
• Powered by 1 AA battery (1.2 – 3.5 V)

RSA-S Reflex sight Short range

The RSA-S a compact collimator sight, is ideal for fast reaction and close quarters combat. Precision optics and state-of-the-art electronics enable fast target acquisition in all situations. Reliable engagement up to 200 m can be easily achieved. The RSA-S reflex sight is watertight and extremely resistant to jolts and vibrations. It is designed for two-eye operation, which allows very fast target acquisition. With only 100 g, the RSA-S is truly a lightweight instrument.

Main features & benefits
• Compact and lightweight
• Hybrid power supply
• One-button operation
• Continuously adjustable brightness of the illuminated dot

Spotter 60 / Spotter 45

Three key features make the 20 – 60 x 72 spotting scope, or Spotter 60, from Hensoldt Optronics the ideal instrument for the observation and identification of objects, and target hit monitoring: high magnification (20x to 60x), a 72 mm lens and a MIL-DOT reticle with continuously adjustable illumination whose size changes congruent with the magnification level. To make these excellent optics available for a wider range of applications, we also offer the Spotter 45 which features variable magnification of 15 – 45x. In hot climates, in particular, the beginning magnification of 20x on the Spotter 60 is often not beneficial because of disturbences by mirage.

Main features & benefits
• Magnification range of 20x – 60x / 15x – 45x
• Bright, high-contrast image at all magnification levels
• 1st focal plane reticle with continuously adjustable illumination
• Compact design for concealed observation, rubber armouring also available sand coloured

VIS-IR Handheld observation device

VIS-IR is a handheld system for quick observation and effective reconnaisance in all light conditions. It is equipped with two viewing channels for day and night vision. Switching be- tween the two channels is quick and easy, there are no unnecessary infor- • mation or other overlays shown. The • image from the night vision channel is displayed on an internal OLED, so that false-colour superimposition is    pos- sible. The handheld VIS-IR functions with standard batteries, which can be easily exchanged. With the device’s extra video output, the IR image can be displayed on an external monitor.

Main features & benefits
• uncooled detector
• two spectral ranges
• visually (400 to 700nm) and in the thermal imaging UDQJHWRŮP
• lightweight
• video output

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